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See ‘Ya Real Soon!

See ‘Ya Real Soon!

Today I begin my Disney College Program!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is going to provide me with invaluable resume building experience to build my future career. Starting today, I’m going to be living working earning and learning all at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. This is not a one man operation, however, about 5,000 college-aged students were accepted into this program. As you can imagine, ~1500 students all in one housing complex trying to use the internet at the same time might be problematic.

Right now, Proto and I co-run the server together 50/50 meaning we talk through decisions together, present a united front and can provide the same level of technical service to the network. Starting today, I’m going to be taking a backseat role in the administration of the network since I fully expect to have extremely limited internet access for the next 5 months.

This isn’t goodbye at all, and I’ll be on the network every now and then. Should any of you find yourselves in Epcot during the next 5 months please drop by and see me, I’ll be at The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

Heres to the next 5 months! See ‘Ya Real Soon!