Introducing Donor Status

Introducing Donor Status

Happy Thanksgiving to all of those living in the United States!

When Drew and I made iPwnAge, our point was simple: this is a hobby, not a job. We love running servers and building communities, and we hope that shows. In following this point, we have made sure that pay2win policies would never set foot in our rule book, ranks, or staff members. Whether you’re a millionaire, or someone who can’t do without $10, we want to make sure everyone has the same opportunities. But running a server is expensive, and Drew and I could use all the help we can get sometimes. Which is why we’re introducing an absolutely non-required, not-overpowered Donor Status on the server. Players still progress through ranks, but they earn some perks earlier than a non-donor would, such as flying, item spawning, or personal dimensions. But in continuing with our main point: even Donor Status doesn’t require money. Let’s break it down.

To earn Donor Status, there are two ways:

  1. Donate $10USD or more, and earn permanent, lifetime Donor Status
  2. Purchase 30 days of Donor Status for 1200 Protos (about 8 days of voting, [minimum 4 days, maximum 12 days])


You might have seen some players with a [D] tag in front of their rank, and this was from earlier donor sessions.  Drew and I closed donations around a week or two after the server rebooted, so we could instead focus on more important things, like squashing bugs or adding new features. But the server has grown since then, and we’re getting dangerously close to our server’s RAM limit (32GB). Adding to that the monthly power and internet bills, and the debt quickly adds up. But we’re okay with that! Like I said earlier, this is a hobby, not a job. And hobbies cost money!

Donor Status includes additional perks per-rank, and nothing is exclusive to those with Donor Status. Here’s a breakdown of what you earn if you have Donor Status:

  • If you’re Normal, you’ll receive:
    • An automatic rank-up to Commoner!
  • If you’re Commoner, you’ll receive:
    • /fly on Main and FTB
    • /mc (MagicCarpet) on Main and FTB
    • RFTools and Mystcraft world generation on FTB
    • /tp (teleporting) on Main and FTB
  • If you’re Trusted, you’ll receive:
    • /hdb on Main
      • HeadsDatabase is a plugin with access to around ~1200 custom heads for decoration
    • /trails on Main and FTB
      • Trails are customizable cosmetics for your player
    • /playertime on Main and FTB
      • This changes what time it is for the player only. The server will continue it’s normal time, but the player can change what it looks like to them (e.g. you always want it to look day for you)
  • If you’re Veteran, you’ll receive:
    • /i (item spawning) on Main and FTB
    • /god (god mode) on Main and FTB
      • Please note, some FTB mods go through god-mode! We can’t do anything about that.
    • /time  (change server time) on Main and FTB
      • This is a privilege and not a right, please don’t abuse this command. If a player raises concerns about the time, please do not continue to use it for that session.
    • /weather (change server weather) on Main and FTB
      • Same thing as time, don’t abuse this command. You’ll lose it if you do.
  • If you’re Senior, you’ll receive:
    • Limited WorldEdit commands on Main
      • Such as //hcyl, //walls, //pyramid, and //set

We’re always working on adding more features to the ranks and Donor Status, so this is not a complete list. Also, since the Elder and Legend ranks are not completed yet, Donor Status features haven’t been fleshed out for them. As we add more content to the servers, we’ll let you know both in-game and on the website of the new commands and functionalities you can use, but here’s a good list to start.

If you want to help us out by donating $10USD or more, visit Donate to iPwnAge to get started. Or, to use your Protos, run the ‘/donor buy’ command on the Main server. Looking for how you can earn Protos? Run /vote on the server and earn up to 300 Protos a day just by voting!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Drew and I would love to answer any questions you might have before diving into a financial outlay.

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