Llamas, Storage, Evokers! 1.11 is Here!

Llamas, Storage, Evokers! 1.11 is Here!

Good news, everyone! As expected, Mojang released 1.11 today, available to download for all using the launcher. There’s plenty of changes, but here’s a brief overview

A Shulker Box

Shulker Boxes have been added to the game as a means of portable storage. If you’ve played FTB before, think of these as a Bag of Holding, except that you need to place the block in order to access its’ contents. Combined with sticky pistons and some redstone knowledge, some have created automatic storage banks, like this YouTuber.



Llamas  have also been added, in four different colors and customization options through colored wool. Their mechanics are similar to horses: continually right clicking on the llama will tame it, and you can equip llamas with chests. Combined with herding mechanics that let you lead an entire pack, llamas look like a great mob to help you move your base, should you ever want to.

Woodland Mansion, filled with Illagers, Vindicators, Evokers, and Vexes

A new randomly generated structure has been added to the forest biome, filled with four new mobs, one of which being a new end-game boss called an Evoker. They’re all based off  human features, with Illagers and Evokers actually being reskinned villagers. Killing the Evoker will drop a Totem of Undying, an item that will prevent a player from dying if they hold the totem in their main or off-hand.

There’s plenty more to get excited about, although you may not like this news: the iPwnAge Network hasn’t upgrade to 1.11 yet. Many of our plugins and software systems do not support 1.11 yet. However, we’ve already implemented support for 1.11 clients to join the server and play like normal. We’ll have to wait until at least this weekend before 1.11 actually arrives on the server, while external developer groups, as well as Drew and I, work around the clock to update our software for 1.11.

Here’s the current roadmap for full 1.11 support:

  1. Network-level 1.11 support for backwards compatibility to 1.10 DONE!
  2. Spigot Team drafts a 1.11 API (ETA: Tuesday, November 15th) DONE!
  3. Apply all Rei patches to Spigot 1.11 (ETA: Thursday, November 17th) DONE!
    1. We run our own server software here, which is a combination of public works and our own changes to make iPA unique
  4. Test server for 1.11 goes live (ETA: Thursday, November 17th) DONE!
  5. Iterate over community plugins and catalog all changes/upgrades necessary (ETA: Friday, November 18th) DONE!
  6. Test server for 1.11 goes live, again (ETA: Friday, November 18th) DONE!
  7. Official iPwnAge Network release for 1.11 (ETA: Saturday, November 19th) DONE!

We’re happy to report that as of Sunday, November 20th, the Survival and Main server are fully 1.11. Continuing with previous MC updates, players can still join the Network with any version client, from 1.5 onward (though we really recommend using the latest version for the newest features, and more compatibility)

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