Parrots, Terracotta, 1.12 Oh My! [UPDATE: 1.12.1]

Parrots, Terracotta, 1.12 Oh My! [UPDATE: 1.12.1]

Damn time flies. It’s not quite summer yet, but we’re close enough to warrant the good vibes šŸ˜Ž , so happy summer everyone.

Today, Mojang released 1.12 to the public and the good news is that iPwnAge already support 1.12 clients. However, the server only lets 1.12 clients join: there are no 1.12 features just yet. At the bottom of this article will be a projected timeline for when 1.12 features will be brought to the iPwnAge Network servers. Read on if you want to know more about 1.12

A blue Parrot in the World of Color 1.12 Update
A blue Parrot in the World of Color 1.12 Update

So, what to expect in 1.12? Well, there’s new blocks, new mobs, and a custom achievement system. There are other minor improvements, but also notable is the color palette change: dyes are more neon and poppy than they previously were. So if your pixel art looks off: blame Mojang.

For the new mobs, Parrots and Illusioners were added to the game. Parrots are ambient mobs found in Jungle biomes that can be found in various colors. With beetroots, you can train them as pets and they’ll follow you around similarly to wolves. Illusioners are simply a new hostile mob found within Woodland Mansions from the 1.11 update.

The new blocks are called Glazed Terracotta, and wow they’re contentious addition. Nevertheless, we’re still excited to see what players will be able to do with them down the road. Once 1.12 hits Main, we’ll be providing terracotta kits for players to use for free.

All the various Terracotta patterns. Kits will provide players in Main free access to all patterns.


And there’s plenty more changes too, like the ability to dye beds and custom achievements. The server can now push “Advancements” to your clients, which is a way for individual servers to add achievements for their community to earn.

“Press F to Pay Respects” achievement, anyone?


1.12 iPwnAge Network Timeline

  1. Network level 1.12 support for backwards compatibility DONE!
  2. Spigot Team releases full 1.12 supportĀ (ETA: Friday, June 9th)
  3. Apply all Rei patches to Spigot 1.12 (ETA: Friday, June 9th)
    1. We run our own server software here, which is a combination of public works and our own changes to make iPA more performant and unique.
  4. Test server for 1.12 goes live (ETA: Friday, June 9th)
  5. Iterate over community plugins and update all necessary 3rd party compontents (ETA: Saturday, June 10th)
  6. Official iPwnAge Network 1.12 release (ETA: Saturday, June 10th)

We’ll be providing plenty of updates as the hours tick on and we march towards full 1.12 support. Looking forward to it!


UPDATE: We’re now live on 1.12.1!



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