Server Resources & World Anchors

Server Resources & World Anchors

Well, I guess this is a classic case of RTFM: when Drew and I launched the FTB server, we allowed Railcraft World Anchors because we believed it required the player to remain logged into the server in order for the chunks to remain loaded. It took us five months, but boy have we learned our lesson. World Anchors keep chunks loaded indefinitely for as long as there are ender pearls, but as server resources become more scarce, we must re-evaluate World Anchors.

To keep things short: from here on out, World Anchors are banned. We’ve removed the recipe from the server and now prevent the placement of new WAs. But we’re not leaving you high-and-dry; instead, we’re going to be giving out Personal or Passive anchors to any players who previously had World Anchors implemented in their base. For every WA you give us, you’ll receive a Personal or Passive anchor and 32 Ender Pearls per anchor. We’ve also buffed the Personal Anchor to provide 16 hours of runtime, rather than the original 12.

In the meantime, we’re not removing World Anchors from the world, and instead are┬árelying on players to come to us to have their’s swapped out. We’ll occasionally be scanning the map for any World Anchors and will remind players who own them to change ASAP. The official deadline to have yours swapped is December 10th, 2016. After the 10th, we’ll be forcibly removing all WA’s from the map (we’ll still give any MIA players their PA, but if you’re on the server and ignore our warnings–you’re out of luck).

We apologize to have to ban an item that’s often used and a great convenience tool, but the server cannot handle the nearly 1,000 constantly loaded chunks in memory for players that aren’t even online. The outcome of this exchange program is a more stable server for all.


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