Winter Updates & Architect

Winter Updates & Architect

Woah, where does the time go? We’re almost half-way through February and it’s been awhile since an update post. Well, let’s fix that!

Not much is happening in FTB these past few weeks. About two months ago, we “temporarily” prevented new Twilight Forest portals from being created as a method of preventing so much TWF land generation. The result was really amazing: since then, the server has only crashed 3 times; 2 of which were WorldEdit-related crashes. This means two things: A) Twilight Forest was responsible for the near-daily crashes we experienced in FTB, primarily due to a bug in land generation. and, B) It means that Twilight Forest exploration has also dropped drastically. While we introduced the temporary ban as a stopgap measure, we did not expect that a solution would take this long. It’s a significant problem that we’re aware of, and actively trying to solve. We hope that in the next two weeks, we’ve have a permanent solution so that player can continue to use Twilight Forest as normal.

Vanilla 1.12’s new Glazed Terracotta blocks

In other news, Mojang has released 1.12 snapshots for public use, which (hopefully) means the 1.12 release is right around the corner. This update brings new, vibrant terracotta blocks, and a redesigned color palette for clay and wool blocks. We’ll keep you all updated as the release of 1.12 gets closer.

And, lastly, Architect. It’s one of our most OP ranks, reserved specifically for creative players who enjoy building. The rank grants the typical item spawning and flying, but unrestricted WorldEdit, Voxel, and WorldGuard use as well. There’s no time requirement for this rank, to boot. If you love to build, but hate the item gathering process of Minecraft, this rank is great for you. Which is why we’re opening two Architect slots. Doesn’t matter if you love playing in FTB or Main, the rank applies to both servers (not the survival server, since that’s purposefully a vanilla-only server). Think you got what it takes? Head on over to our Apply for Architect page and submit your builds! We’ll announce the two winners on a rolling basis.

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